In a career spanning 12 years, Sean has designed and produced print and online marketing creative for global brands including Callaway Golf, Costco, and HTC among others. In addition, Sean is an expert photo editor and concept artist. Currently, Sean works as an art director/graphic designer for Little Woodrow’s, Uncle Billy’s, and Casino El Camino. Since childhood, Sean has been creating and pursuing artistic endeavors. Before Photoshop, Sean was on his way to becoming a master of Windows Paint. He spent hours creating little 8-bit pixelated masterpieces. It was at that point, that Sean first started thinking about a career in digital design and advertising. Before his design career, Sean had a rather varied background. He studied Archaeology and Art History at UT and then taught English in Korea for a year after graduation. Upon returning to Austin, Sean went back to school for design while working as a barback and bartender. After the Dotcom bust of the early 2000s, jobs for recent design students were scarce and Sean took a position at AMD, testing motherboards and other components. Now, Sean builds his own desktop systems and can troubleshoot most technical issues. Sean has spent his life learning new things and constantly adding to his quiver of skills. Since embarking on his design career; Sean has worked on small internal marketing teams, freelanced and contracted, and worked on large multi-million dollar e-commerce sites. Sean has been involved in almost every area of marketing and creative- from onsite graphics, to print graphics, website development, and content management. Sean has a particular talent for bringing in new ideas and re-invigorating stale marketing.