On February 27th, an icon of science fiction, film-making, and art left us. The influence that Mr. Nimoy had on my life was inestimable. His character Mr. Spock was somebody I admired and tried to emulate, in my awkward teen years.

But Mr. Nimoy’s influence went beyond just Star Trek. His focus on the plight of humpback whales in his time directing a Star Trek film, “Star Trek IV:The Voyage Home’, lead to my awareness of this and other critical environmental issues.

Mr. Nimoy also lighted my interest in film making itself, early on when he hosted a show titled “Lights, Camera, Action!” which was an awesome discovery of special effects and makeup. I was hooked and watched each episode over and over.

Beyond television and film, he also was a renowned photographer. His Full Body series (WARNING: NSFW) brought attention to the subject of body image and proved that beauty isn’t to narrowly defined as some would have us believe.

In everything he did, from characters to photography, Mr. Nimoy seemed to open eyes and bring a sense of reason and beauty to the world. This world needs more like him, not less.

Live Long & Prosper

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