Cosmos Command In Sector 239

Cosmos Command In Sector 239

Was a toyetic invention of the MacGuffin Toy Company, itself a subsidiary of the Chūgoku-Sei Plastics Industry Global. A platform was needed to market plastic action figures and toys made from leftover plastic.

Cosmos Command: In Sector 239 was a comic book, animated, and eventually poorly received live-action, sci-fi television show that aired in the late 70’s- early ’80s; mainly geared toward children and young adults. This is the third series in the Star Alliance franchise (commonly referred to as SQ:ECG or SQ:Earth). The first two series were titled StarQuest (retconned to StarQuest: The Original Series or SA:TOS; with the addition of the second series) and StarQuest: Andromeda Patrol (SA:AP). The show, like He-Man and The Masters of The Universe, Power Rangers, and GI Joe; was a toyetic production. That is, it was just a marketing tool to sell toys. 



Following the failure of SpaceFreaks, Chūgoku-Sei decided to find an outside partner with toy experience to produce their next line.  MacGuffin Toys created Cosmos Command as a platform for marketing their existing toy lines and it eventually evolved it into its own branded line. 

Originally, MacGuffin Toy’s motto was “Real World Toys for Real Kids!” but when its acquisition by CPG; the motto was changed to “Real toys made by real kids”.


The crew of the Tri-Star Republic Corsair ‘The Silver Condor” combat the evil Archduke Harkon and a seemingly endless array of mutants, bounty hunters, and mercenaries in his employ. He will stop at nothing to to find the Elysian Power Crystal that will allow him to not only conquer the Tri-Star Republic but the entire galaxy.


The comic book was filled with ‘toyetic’ characters, ships, and accessories.

Captain Space-Commander Rex Rockwell

Space-Pilot Bucky Berra

Space-Girl ‘Lucky’ Lucy Landry

Crewman Wilhelm – a cybernoid or synthetic person. Wilhelm is the standard utility model, molded in red and are expendable. Each week a new wilhelm is killed/destroyed. They have model numbers distinctive scarlet uniforms. 


[the capt can’t keep up- Wilhelm 605. Wilhelm 867…etc. At one point this interaction between Capt and latest Wilhelm occurs:

You’re 605?

No sir. That unit was destroyed on Beta Gema 12. {but have each one destroyed horribly essentially by the capt. 


No sir, you threw 735 into the Balkon Forge, to create a seismic wave that saved the ship from melting. The mission to Alderaan, 6 months ago.


1948 then. I’d know you anywhere ole 48.


Sorry no sir. That unit was ……. Pulse wiped, torn apart, and and thrown into a singularity to close it.]


Medbot- Ship’s medical officer, therapist, bartender, and Cosmos Command HR rep.


Space-Fighter Pilot Lance Lasershot and his squadron of Spitfires Type S1 – space fighters. Lance is also black and while this future is supposed to be like Star Trek, CSC is actually intimidated/?resentful? Of Lance as black man who’s ‘upstaging’ CSC just by existing.


The mirror universe is run by women but still same political models. But cosmos captains wear revealing, sexy outfits which CSC and Space Cadet Bucky must wear to fit in. Here, CSC is the exception as the ONLY male captain in an universe where women lead. Maybe minorities also have more power there?


Admiral Loomis with admin action motions! 


Archduke [harkon]


Duke’s doom troopers


The ship- The Star Alliance Corsair ‘???’ – This legendary ship was one of four built by the Star Alliance, when they first took on the Zorn Empire. Mr G says that he was given the ship to go out and find heroes to help him stop the Zorn. We’ll find out that he’s not exactly telling the truth about how he got the ship.


Each toy ad will end with the actors reciting the toy company’s marketing slogan, “I always buy two. One to play with and one to collect.” while displaying two copies of a single figure or ship. Capt Space Cmdr is a toy selling machine on his site, he pushes toys for everything.

every single pitch includes his catchphrase “and remember kids: always buy two of every toy so you can play with one and save the other one!”

the minimum number on the drop down is set to 2 for all of them. you HAVE to buy two.

then there’s selling support stuff– display cases, storage cases, archival bags, etc

Cosmos Command branded storage containers- just cheap plastic bins with the CSC logo slapped on.


Cosmos Command: Home video game cartridge for your TRX-95 computer. crappy graphics

the play is very slow and tedious as you have to arm weapons from your inventory, or follow a lot of steps just to start up the ship. It’s very realistic- claims the makers. It is- from what we see on the ship in the show. It also incredibly boring to play. 


Appeared in serial form in dozens of newspapers and periodicals including Warped Realms.


Action-Figure Tele-Pictures established by MacGuffin


The show will have feel of low-budget production. Effects shots will be be created using practical effects and any compositing/color keying will be obvious and artifact-y. Styrofoam food containers, plastic cups and other household items are used as set dressing and components of props. Most exotic-looking aliens are people in rubber suits or latex masks- similar to the original Planet of The Apes. Effects will include: miniatures, stop-motion, forced perspective, etc. 

MOVIE – scrapped halfway into production

CSC became a character that would appear at shopping malls, etc.- played by local contract actors (for scale)

Ads in local improv grps.